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Love this shader! You can actually use a NoiseTexture as the "Flow Map" too instead of downloading a random normal map from the internet. In the "Shader Param" section, hit the dropdown next to "Flow Map" and select "New NoiseTexture". Check "Seamless" and "As Normal Map" and set "Bump Strength" to a high value (I use 32). For "Noise" hit the dropdown and select "New OpenSimplexNoise." Then you can tweak the look with the "Strength", "Speed", and "Frames" options at the top of "Shader Param."

sorta like baba is you.

How did you make the flow map textures (new to shaders & curious)?

I used some random normals from google images. Maybe it sounds a bit lame, and it is. ;-)

oh lol, thanks anyway it might be a bit lame but it is a valid way of getting them :)


Is it possible to upload a gif of the animation? Looks great


Yeees, I will make some gifs. Thanks!!